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Little Egret

December 2011 Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy
A juvenile - note the leg and bill colour - October 2009 Geoff Dore
January 2009 Vincent Blood
November 2008 Alan Hayden

The same bird as above. Note the yellowy lore colour. Subsequent study showed at least two birds present to show this feature
- November 2008 Alan Hayden
September 2008 Alan Hayden
May 2008 Alan Hayden
October 2007 Alan Hayden
October 2007 Alan Hayden
Juvenile, note yellowish legs, pale bill base and brownish flecks in greater coverts. This was also CHOG's first ringed Little Egret - September 2007 Alan Hayden
The same bird, which was sadly taken into care and died three days later
- September 2007 Alan Hayden
August 2005 Stephen North
July 2005 Alan Hayden
Adult with breeding plumes - March 2005 Alan Hayden

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