Latest on the Stanpit Golf Course Footpath Application

At a meeting of his Committee on 11th April 2005, The director of environmental services at Dorset County Council recommended to the County Roads and Rights of Way Committee that the application be accepted (postponed from 23 March). The detailed report is on the can seen by clicking here.

At this meeting. the case was made by a local Borough and County Councillor, Peter Hall, who with Dorset County Council official recommendation, should have won the case. However, at the last moment, two Christchurch Borough and County Councillors, Councillor Lofts and Councillor Fox, sent in an objection requesting that the Committee not approve the application if it interferes with the ability of the public to play golf on the course or if it affects the financial viability of the golf course. The chairman ruled that in view of these objections a site visit by this committee would take place prior to a decision being made.

It should be noted that no member of the public has filed an objection to the proposed footpath. The only objections are from Christchurch Borough Council and these two Councillors. The footpath application has the full support of CHOG. As well as the obvious case that the golf course has been used as a right of way for many years, if the accees route is closed it may force more people onto Priory Marsh, where, this year, Lapwing and Redshank are showing a definete interest.

Peter Fenning, who has been instrumental in lodging the application, is asking for the support of individual CHOG member at the site visit, which is scheduled for some time in June. If you would like to offer support, please email Peter

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