Stanpit Winter Recording Criteria

During the winter, Stanpit is one of the more frequently visited areas of the recording area, but we receive relatively few records, despite the large numbers of birds ever-present. It has been suggested that more records are not submitted because it is sometimes not clear which of the commoner species are of interest. As a rule, all records of all species should be submitted for use in compilation of the Annual Report, however, for website interest, a more selective approach may be taken. The following sets out to give a few guidelines.

If it is easier, please feel free to submit all records via the website, the commoner species will be automatically forwarded to the report editors.

All records of the following should be submitted:

Counts of the following are also very welcome, but only if there is a high confidence that all have been estimated. For example, the Brent Goose and Black-tailed Godwit frequently split into two or more flocks and if only one is counted, then records become distorted.

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