The History of White-winged Black Tern

in Christchurch Harbour

1967: 2nd/3rd Nov: 1 winter plumage bird.

1976: 16th-30th Oct: 1 immature bird.

1986: 21st Aug: 1 immature bird, then left the harbour for Coward's Marsh but returned on 24th.

1988: 7th Sep: 1 immature bird.

1991: 1st-3rd Sep: 1 immature bird, later at Ringwood gravel pits.

1992: 22nd Aug: 1 moulting adult.

2004: 10th Aug: 1 moulting adult.

Also two documented records prior to CHOG

1883: 2nd/3rd May:

1886: 18th May:

Information compiled by Paul Morrison.

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