Spring Migrant Arrivals 2006

February 25th: Linnet - 3 birds on Hengistbury (2005: March 13th)
March 9th: Ring Ouzel - 1 male over Stanpit Golf Course (2005: March 31st)
March 11th: Meadow Pipit - 17 in off at Hengistbury (2005: March 13th)
March 11th: Sandwich Tern - 1 off Hengistbury (2005: March 16th)
March 15th: alba Wagtail - 7 north over Hengistbury (2005: date not recorded)
March 15th: Chiffchaf f - 2 by the HHC, Hengistbury (2005: March 16th)
March 18th: Arctic Skua - 1 past Hengistbury (2005: April 7th)
March 20th: Sand Martin - 1 from Hengistbury (2005: March 16th)
March 20th: Wheatear - a single bird on Wick Fields (2005: March 15th)
March 24th: Swallow - a bird over Stanpit Golf Course in the afternoon (2005: March 24th)
March 25th: Black Redstart - 1 on Solent Meads Golf Course (2005: March 17th)
March 28th: Firecrest - a couple of birds on Hengistbury, in the Wood (2005: March 16th)
March 28th: Willow Warbler - 2 birds in the Wood (2005: March 24th)
March 30th: Blackcap - a couple of birds by Stanpit Golf Course (2005: March 25th)
March 31st: House Martin - 2 over Hengistbury (2005: April 1st)
April 1st: Redstart - a bright male on Wick Field in the evening (2005: March 31st)
April 1st: Marsh Harrier - a female seen from both sides of the harbour (2005: April 1st)
April 2nd: Yellow Wagtail - one bird over Hengistbury (2005: March 25th)
April 3rd: Little Ringed Plover - a bird heard over Stanpit (2005: April 3rd)
April 4th: Common Sandpiper - 1 in Barn Bight (2005: April 10th)
April 5th: Tree Pipit - 2 birds north over Hengistbury (2005: April 1st)
April 6th: Garganey - a pair in Parky Meade Rail (2005: April 2nd)
April 6th: Pied Flycatcher - male seen Hengistbury, then Wick (2005: April 12th)
April 6th: Reed Warbler - bird singing Stanpit and Wick (2005: April 5th)
April 7th: Whitethroat - one on Wick by the Wooden Bridge (2005: April 2nd)
April 8th: Little Tern - a single bird around Stanpit Bight (2005: April 7th)
April 9th: Hobby - a couple over Wick Fields (2005: April 7th)
April 11th: Lesser Whitethroat - 1 by Priory Marsh (2005: April 22nd)
April 12th: Grasshopper Warbler - male reeling on Wick Fields (2005: April 4th)
April 12th: Whimbrel - 1 bird on Stanpit (2005: March 28th)
April 14th: Sedge Warbler - a bird singing by Priory Marsh (2005: April 28th)
April 15th: Common Tern - 20+ birds past Hengistbury (2005: April 6th)
April 16th: Swift - 2 over Hengistbury (2005: April 23rd)
April 17th: Cuckoo - at least 1 bird around the harbour (2005: April 10th)
April 19th: Wood Warbler - 1 with other phylloscs by the Ironstone Quarry (2005: April 10th)
April 20th: Manx Shearwater - 3 birds east off Hengistbury (2005: April 18th)
April 20th: Whinchat - a single bird from Stanpit golf course (2005: April 17th)
April 21st: Greenshank - 2 in Stanpit Bight (2005: date not recorded)
April 22nd: Garden Warbler - one in Smithy's Field (2005: April 20th)
April 24th: Turtle Dove - a single bird over Double Dykes (2005: 25th April)
April 26th: Arctic Tern - a total of 44 birds over the harbour (2005: April 20th)
May 2nd: Pomarine Skua - 1 bird high over the Beach Huts (2005: April 18th)
May 2nd: Curlew Sandpiper - 1 bird acquiring breeding plumage (2005: April 24th)
May 3rd: Great Skua - single bird east from the Beach Huts (2005: Date not recorded)
May 3rd: Spotted Flycatcher - at least 4 individuals across the area (2005: April 29th)
May 4th: Little Stint - 1 bird in Stanpit Bight (2005: April 10th)
May 6th: Roseate Tern - 1 past Hengistbury (2005: May 2nd)
May 6th: Black Tern - a bird resting in the harbour (2005: May 2nd)
May 7th: Spotted Redshank - 1 moving in a flock of Whimbrel (2005: Not recorded in Spring)
May 8th: Honey Buzzard - a bird slowly north over the harbour (2005: Date not recorded)
May 17th: Nightjar - one flushed from the Batters (2005: Not recorded as a migrant)
May 19th: Storm Petrel - 16 off Hengistbury (2005: May 20th)