Sightings for July 2020

July 31st

Some interest from earlier in the week, Caspian Tern (upper) the first since 2001 and photographed on Tuesday and Cattle Egret - Sue Smith & Chris Chapleo
...and Jersey Tiger Chris Chapleo

On a very warm day, the pick of the news comes from Stanpit during the morning, when a Arctic Tern was present, along with a Whinchat and 3 Wheatear on Crouch Hill, plus a Red Kite seen over the Priory. Singles of Knot and Bar-tailed Godwit were the best of the waders, but also 5 Sanderling, 2 Common Sandpiper, 12 Whimbrel and 45 Dunlin. Meanwhile, on Wick, there were 4 Willow Warbler, a Grey Wagtail and a Kingfisher. This evening, juveniles of Yellow-legged Gull and Common Gull were at Stanpit the latter a plumage not often seen in this area as well as 3 Black-tailed Godwit. 

July 30th

Most of the news comes from the morning, when 3 Crossbill flew over Wick and a Grasshopper Warbler plus three adult and two juvenile Bullfinch were along Roebury Lane. Over at Stanpit, there was a Wheatear on Crouch Hill, along with 5 Whimbrel, 8 Black-tailed Godwit and 30+ Dunlin. Later in the day, a couple of Common Sandpiper were around the marsh, while the Willow Warbler number was five. 

July 29th

Sedge Warbler Alan Crockard

On a warm day and reasonably settled day, a Cattle Egret spent some time at Stanpit this morning, while a Green Sandpiper circled the marsh this evening. Early on, there was a good show of Willow Warbler at least thirty on the golf-course embankment at Stanpit as well as 8 Chiffchaff and 20 Sedge Warbler. A juvenile Yellow-legged Gull was also about, as were 4 Common Sandpiper, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, around 24 Dunlin and 3 Common Tern. 

July 28th

Wheatear Clinton Whale

There was a marked improvement in the weather today, which saw a Wheatear on Crouch Hill. Meanwhile, the only wader returns were at least 8 Black-tailed Godwit and 14 Dunlin. Of other interest, there were five Water, including a juvenile, in Parky Meade Rail and the moulting, Mute Swan herd was counted at 361.

July 27th

Curlew Joy Aubin

The forecast rain and southerly wind certainly happened this morning, when coverage of the sea from Mudeford Quay came up with: 2 Manx Shearwater, 21 Common Tern and 23 Common Scoter, as well as up to 30 Gannet, nearly all west. Meanwhile, a tight flock of 31 Shelduck passed to the east, where they were also picked-up off Milford-on-Sea presumably on their way to the Waddenzee moult also a Mediterranean Gull in the same direction. Late in the afternoon, when the wind had shifted to south-south-west, ninety minutes from the Beach Huts produced: a couple of Manx Shearwater, a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull, 2 Fulmar, 3 Common Tern, c20 Sandwich Tern and 3 Common Tern, all lingering for various periods of time. 

July 26th

Lapwing Alan Crockard

Of the few reports received, the best is of 3 Little Ringed Plover an adult and two juveniles this morning in Mother Sillers Channel, before heading off east. In addition, there were 6 Common Sandpiper five roosting on a log in Parky Meade Rail as well as 3 Whimbrel and 12 Dunlin; while 2 Common Tern passed through west.  

July 25th

Whimbrel in the morning mirk Joy Aubin

On a day dominated by rain, other than the photographed Whimbrel, there is nothing to report.

Omission: a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull, 3 Fulmar and 8 Common Sandpiper were seen from Mudeford Quay.

July 24th

The Merlin was again around this morning seen from a couple of spots while a Green Sandpiper and 4 Little Tern were also highlights. The recent, estuarine wader numbers have dropped off a bit with todays including: 9 Sanderling, 2 Knot, at least 6 Whimbrel, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, a Ringed Plover and 35 Dunlin. Out of a minimum of 16 Common Tern, one of them was the seasons first juvenile, with up to 15 Mediterranean Gull being about. Finishing up, a Yellow Wagtail passed over, a Lesser Whitethroat was on Wick and 7 Willow Warbler were returned. 

July 23rd

Wheatear Alan Crockard

The Merlin was around again this morning sat in a dead tree in the Bobolink Field, before being harried away by a group of Magpie. Over on Stanpit, a couple of Wheatear were settled and a Yellow Wagtail passed over. In addition, a Sanderling, 118 Dunlin and 4 Mediterranean Gull were logged around the bight. 

July 22nd

Juvenile Willow Warbler Joy Aubin

A Firecrest was in the Wood this morning, when 3 Coal Tit were close by in the Stunted Oaks. Elsewhere, a single juvenile Willow Warbler was in the North Scrubs. The Roseate Tern was present at Stanpit again early on, but the waders were not so varied there this afternoon a couple of Common Sandpiper and 5 Whimbrel being the better of a relatively poor show. Rounding up this short post, a Peregrine hunted the marsh for a while. 

July 21st

Whimbrel Clinton Whale
..and Curlew Clinton Whale

There were 5 Cattle Egret at Stanpit for a while this morning, before they left at 08:40  to the north from East Marsh. A little later, a Little Stint was seen briefly in Stanpit Bight, along with 6 Sanderling, 3 Common Sandpiper, 5 Whimbrel, 2 Black-tailed Godwit and a Ringed Plover. The Dunlin numbers, after a slow start, again peaked in the evening when 266 were present. Back to the morning and a Whinchat and 2 Wheatear on Crouch Hill; 2 Common Tern and at least 15 Mediterranean Gull; although a casual scan across East Marsh later in the day suggested these had also built-up during the afternoon. 

July 20th

There was another great selection of birds seen today. The best by far, for the date that is, was a small, brown Merlin seen a couple of times as it zipped around Priory Marsh. Earlier, a trio of Cattle Egret settled briefly on East Marsh, with 25 Little Egret, before the former left to the north; and, once again, the Roseate Tern was present this time around mid-morning as was a Little Stint. Between 5:00 and 9:00am, at least 100 Mediterranean Gull passed through. The waders are getting plenty of attention and the peaks of the day were: 2 Greenshank, 4 Common Sandpiper, 12 Whimbrel, 15 Black-tailed Godwit nine of them moving west, 6 Sanderling, 2 Ringed Plover, 218 Dunlin those maxxing during the evening, 3 Turnstone, 128 Redshank and 33 Curlew. Lets hope the optimism isnt unfounded! Meanwhile, juvenile warblers are starting to move through 3 Willow Warbler today as well as more noticeable numbers of Sedge Warbler and Reed Warbler. 

July 19th

Adult and juvenile Mediterranean Gull at sea off Hengistbury Alan Crockard

Westbound Mediterranean Gull are currently a feature between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning around sixty passed over or just off Hengistbury, while seven were settled on Solent Meads golf course. Its interesting to see how the wader numbers change throughout the day: during the morning at Stanpit, there were 57 Dunlin but by 6:00 tonight there were over 135 90% of them adults. Meanwhile, other waders on the marsh included: 3 Common Sandpiper, 2 Knot, 5 Whimbrel, 2 Sanderling both, as expected, adults, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Ringed Plover and a Turnstone. The relative lack of algae in and around Stanpit Bight are still keeping hopes high for a good wader autumn. Otherwise, there was a juvenile Willow Warbler on Wick and 2 Common Tern about. 

July 18th

White Admiral on Hengistbury, not recorded in the area since 1988 Joy Aubin
Little Stint and Dunlin Nick Whitehouse

On a very warm day, there was a really good selection of birds to be had. An adult Little Stint and a Wood Sandpiper were at Stanpit, where the Roseate Tern was again seen. Meanwhile, Wick chipped-in with a Great White Egret and a Bearded Tit. Other notables at Stanpit were: 4 Yellow Wagtail over early on, a Greenshank, 11 Whimbrel, 5 Common Sandpiper, a Turnstone, 4 Common Tern and at least 55 Mediterranean Gull. In fact, the latter were the most-numerous, boat-seen gull around a mile off Hengistbury late in the afternoon. Rounding up, a Kingfisher was again by the Wooden Bridge. 

July 17th

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull Alan Hayden
...and juvenile and adult Blackheaded Gull Clinton Whale

The Roseate Tern was again at Stanpit during the morning, when a couple of Crossbill moved over Wick. Later in the day, the marsh held: two adult Knot; a same-aged Greenshank, Turnstone and 2 Black-tailed Godwit; 8 Whimbrel; 34 Dunlin four of those this years birds; and a real mixture of 90 Redshank. Meanwhile, a party of three duck that overflew comprised a Wigeon and 2 Gadwall, and at least a dozen Mediterranean Gull - four of them juveniles - were settled. 

July 16th

Jay Ian Wigley

There was little change from yesterday at Stanpit this morning, when 3 Greenshank, 9 Whimbrel, a Common Sandpiper and 5 Black-tailed Godwit were about. A couple of Yellow Wagtail and a single Grey Wagtail moved south and west respectively, with 18 Swift also heading west; while, in contrast, at least 3 Reed Warbler are still holding territories. A Kingfisher was by the Wooden Bridge on Wick and the begging calls of recently fledged Herring Gull are now very much part of the soundscape. 

July 15th

Roseate Tern alongside Black-headed Gull and Sandwich Tern - Alan Hayden

A Roseate Tern was again lingering at Stanpit this afternoon, when a Common Tern was also present and at least 15 Mediterranean Gull a mixture of adults and juveniles passed over to the west. Waders numbers from the marsh came back with peaks of: singles of Greenshank and Common Sandpiper, 12 Whimbrel, 3 Black-tailed Godwit, 34 Dunlin four of those juveniles and a Turnstone; also a Yellow Wagtail logged there. Over on Hengistbury, a Nuthatch was in the Stunted Oaks and a Kingfisher was in Barn Bight. 

July 14th

Linnet on Crouch Hill Clinton Whale

Most of the news is from the waders at Stanpit, which throughout the day peaked at: a stint spp., 2 Greenshank, 6 Common Sandpiper, 12 Whimbrel, a Black-tailed Godwit, 4 Ringed Plover and 33 Dunlin; one of the latter the first juvenile of the return passage. Otherwise, there were 54 Common Tern and a Starling roost nudging 4000 birds. 

July 13th

Gatekeeper are now on the wing about the area Clinton Whale

A nice, warm morning saw more returning waders pass through Stanpit, the best being: a trio of Avocet that landed briefly but left again at 06:10, 2 Greenshank, 2 Whimbrel, a Ringed Plover, 5 Black-tailed Godwit, 27 Dunlin and a Turnstone. After yesterday evening, the terns got some attention, but mustered just 6 Common Tern and 12 Sandwich Tern although there were certainly more of the latter this evening; also, 4 Mediterranean Gull logged at least six adults and a juvenile. The only moving passerines were 5 Siskin over, but a couple of juvenile Sedge Warbler were around Priory Marsh, while Reed Warbler and Blackcap are still in song. 

July 12th

Sandwich Tern
Sandwich Tern Scott Usher (upper) & Clinton Whale

At the time of writing, 19:15, an adult Roseate Tern is lingering on East Marsh, viewable from Crouch Hill; while, earlier, a Great White Egret was in Stanpit Creek seen from Fishermans Bank. Also at Stanpit, a hint of what is hopefully to come from the waders on the currently, algae-free mud - singles of Greenshank, Whimbrel and Common Sandpiper, plus fifteen adult Dunlin. 

July 11th

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull at Stanpit yesterday evening Scott Usher

The biggest surprise of the day came when scanning the Oak canopy in the Wood for Purple Hairstreak and a Wood Warbler came into view! Ill defer to others to confirm how many other July records, if any, for that species there have been. Equally remarkable, however, was an adult male Whinchat at Whitepits. Otherwise, an hour at Stanpit produced just two each of Shoveler and Black-tailed Godwit. 

July 10th

The nowtraditional, seemingly latein-the-season coming together of Little Grebe is underway - Clinton Whale

Today, the Common Sandpiper had reduced to just three birds two in Holloways Dock and one at Stanpit, where 3 Whimbrel, 2 Dunlin and 4 Mediterranean Gull were present. Over on Wick, a couple of adult Lesser Whitethroat were on the central path, a Grey Wagtail went over and a Kingfisher was by the Wooden Bridge. 

July 9th

Common Sandpiper are piling through at the moment, with a total of sixteen today eleven at Stanpit and five from Mudeford Quay. Also from the quay, a couple of adult Yellow-legged Gull, 3 Mediterranean Gull and 4 Common Tern. Meanwhile, a further 2 Common Tern and 3 Mediterranean Gull were inside the harbour, at Stanpit, along with a juvenile Little Ringed Plover, 3 Whimbrel, a Bar-tailed Godwit, 5 Black-tailed Godwit and 5 Dunlin. Finishing off, the first two juvenile Sandwich Tern of the season visited the site. 

July 8th

The only reports for the day are of 4 Common Sandpiper - two in Parky Meade Rail and two in Stanpit Creek - a Kingfisher at the former site and a fresh, juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull; that presumably from nearby, roof-top breeding. 

July 7th

The first returning Willow Warbler was on Hengistbury this morning, actually in song, while 4 Swallow over there may have also been winter-bound. Also over the head 24 Shelduck twelve high to the east, so presumably going to cross the North Sea to moult, and the same number coming in-off. Other travellers were Mediterranean Gull twenty-two generally west, plus a couple of resting birds as well as a Kittiwake and 13 Common Tern likewise. Barn Bight held a good total of Common Sandpiper seven birds but the other waders were all at Stanpit and included: a couple of Greenshank, a Little Ringed Plover, the 2 Knot, 2 Whimbrel, a Bar-tailed Godwit, 5 Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Dunlin, a Ringed Plover, 2 Turnstone and a good count of 63 Redshank. Finishing off an encouragingly long post for early July: a Shoveler circuited before leaving to the south-west; around 120 Sand Martin, some of them freshly fledged birds, congregated around Barn Bight; and the moulting Mute Swan herd numbered 223. 

July 6th

Great White Egret Joy Aubin
GreatBlackbackedGull GreatBlackbackedGull
This Great Blackbacked Gull, about a mile out from the Run, had swallowed such a large fish it could hardly take-off - Alan Crockard

The wind abated some overnight, but was still present from the north-west. Early on, a Crossbill and 2 Siskin passed over Stanpit, while much later in the day a Great White Egret was around for an hour or two. Back to the morning and the marsh, where the rarest bird was a first-summer Common Tern amongst five adult birds this age group is pretty scarce so far north of the South Atlantic wintering grounds. Also logged were: the 2 Knot, 2 Common Sandpiper, an adult Bar-tailed Godwit, a Whimbrel, c25 Black-tailed Godwit, 16 Curlew and 38 Redshank; as well as a juvenile and adult Mediterranean Gull. Finishing up and a contrast between winter and spring a Kingfisher was on Wick, while Reed Warbler and Whitethroat are still in song. 

July 5th

The high hopes for the sea amounted to this in just over three hours this morning: a feeding flock of around 75 Herring Gull and 7 Great Black-backed Gull, 41 Gannet west and 6 Sandwich Tern (although one of those was actually in Holloways Dock)! Moving on and to Stanpit, where there was infinitely more interest, including: 2 Knot, 7 Common Sandpiper, 2 Whimbrel, 5 Dunlin, at least 20 Curlew and 14 Redshank; as well as 2 Hobby. Rounding up, a couple of Kingfisher were by the Wooden Bridge and 4 House Martin were over the adjacent meadows. 

July 4th

A total of 3 Common Sandpiper was on the sandspit this morning Alan Hayden
Sandwich Tern, already into the postbreeding moult Alan Hayden

The sea was watched from 06:45 to 09:45 and then again for 80 minutes from 12:10 the combined numbers being: a dark-phase Arctic Skua, a Manx shearwater on the sea and then west, an adult Yellow-legged Gull, 4 Fulmar, 26 Gannet including a couple of second-calendar-year birds, which seem to be a bit of a feature at the moment, 23 Common Scoter, 5 Guillemot, a Common Tern, 3 Sandwich Tern, and a couple of Great Crested Grebe; as well as 15 Swift over the water. With the blasting, south-westerly continuing overnight and into tomorrow afternoon, its hoped some more sessions could produce a little more. Elsewhere, 2 Knot were on the tip of South Marsh and 4 Black-tailed Godwit headed west over Wick; while 2 Firecrest and a Treecreeper were in the Wood. 

July 3rd

This morning, at Stanpit, there were: 2 Knot, a Common Sandpiper, 2 Whimbrel, 3 Dunlin and 7 Curlew. Later in the day, as the wind-for-the-weekend gathered pace, a couple of seawatches saw just a Fulmar and an unidentified shearwater. Despite that poor return, there is plenty of optimism for the next day or so.  

July 2nd

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull Nick Whitehouse

The first juvenile Mediterranean Gull of the season dropped into Stanpit this afternoon, when a further four birds three adults and two second-summers were also there; along with: 3 Common Sandpiper, a Whimbrel, 28 Black-tailed Godwit, two adult Dunlin, 14 Curlew and the same number of Redshank, one of those a yellow-legged juvenile. Earlier in the day, a Hobby went west over Wick and an adult Peregrine circled Stanpit for a three minutes before heading off in the same direction. 

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