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CHOG Online Topics

A summary of items that are available exclusively to CHOG members through CHOG Online.

Around the Harbour
These items are of a general nature, dealing with aspects of the Christchurch Harbour area that will be of interest to CHOG members.

Beyond the Harbour
These items cover subject matter that lies outside the Christchurch Harbour area. Examples are an article about the wildlife of the New Forest and a photo montage of the birds of Longham Lakes.

Bird Behaviour
These are items that describe, or capture photographically, various aspects of the behaviour of birds, such as feeding, courtship, migration etc.

Bird Surveys and Studies
These articles relate to the monitoring of bird behaviour in order to develop a deeper understanding of how birds live, thrive and survive in the environment.

Bird Taxonomy
These articles deal with aspects of the taxonomy of Harbour birds and examine how changes in bird taxonomy have impacted the All-time Harbour List.

CHOG Conservation
These items provide information about conservation initiatives that have been part-managed by and received funding from CHOG.

CHOG Education
These items relate to CHOG activities that are primarily directed towards imparting information and helping people to learn more about birds or about Harbour wildlife in general.

Dragonflies and Damselflies
These items illustrate Odonata species (dragonflies and damselflies) of the Harbour and beyond.

Finders’ Stories
Each of these articles tells the story of how a rare or scarce species was found, either in the Harbour or locally elsewhere.

Harbour Birds
These items relate to birds that have been seen in the Harbour and which might reasonably be expected to be encountered during a visit to Stanpit Marsh or Hengistbury Head. Commencing August 2022, each month we focus on a single species – ‘Species of the Month’ – and provide a summary of recent Harbour records for that species along with links to relevant online resources.

Harbour Habitats
These items deal with aspects of the Christchurch Harbour area which relate to the habitat that birds and other wildlife depend upon.

ID Guides
In this series of short guides, we look at pairs of bird species that can pose identification difficulties and provide some pointers for distinguishing between them. In particular, we give guidance as to where and when you can find them in the Harbour.

Inspired by Nature
These items describe events, experiences or lifetime quests that have sparked or driven an individual’s passion for nature.

Local Breeding Birds
The subjects of these items are bird species that breed within the Harbour or the surrounding area.

Local Butterflies
These items illustrate the butterfly species that can be found within the Harbour and nearby in the New Forest.

Local Projects
These items refer to projects in southern England that are concerned with monitoring or supporting bird populations, or improving the environment for wildlife.

Lockdown Birding
In these articles, CHOG members share their experiences and the insights they gained while birding during the coronavirus restrictions of 2020.

Months in the Harbour
Each year, CHOG publishes an annual report entitled: The Birds of Christchurch Harbour. A regular feature in the report is a summary of weather conditions and sightings month-by-month under the heading ‘Review of the Year’. The items in this topic are compilations of this feature from four CHOG annual reports.

These items were posted on CHOG Online to communicate information to members.

Other Wildlife
The subjects of these items are animal and fungus species that are not birds, butterflies or dragonflies and damselflies.

Outdoor Meetings
Accounts of Outdoor Meetings organised by CHOG.

Rare Visitors
Items covering aspects of bird species that are on the CHOG All-time Harbour List but only rarely recorded in the Harbour.

Virtual/Hybrid Indoor Meetings
Recordings of online presentations given to CHOG.

These items refer to topics for which there are currently too few items to warrant a separate ‘Topic’ document.

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Harbour Map

Our interactive harbour map helps you to identify locations around the harbour and gives some useful pointers.