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CHOG Online

CHOG Online provides CHOG members with a growing library of online resources, that they can refer to at any time and read and listen to online. There are more than 170 items published to date. [If you are not yet a member of CHOG and would like to trial CHOG Online click here.] To view a summary of the items that were available to CHOG members at the start of May 2022 click here.

Some of the items may complement or expand on articles that appear in the printed annual report, or relate to events organised by the CHOG Committee. But it is intended that over time, most content will be made up of contributions by the wider CHOG membership. Currently, members’ contributions make up 45% of the published items.

The content has been structured so that it can be accessed in a number of different ways – either by date of posting (most recent first), or by topic, or by type (e.g. video recordings).

Use CHOG Online to explore items of interest about the Harbour and the surrounding area. Catch up with the latest postings, or explore a subject area that is of interest to you. Or simply while away some spare time reading articles, browsing photo montages, or watching and listening to videos.

And while you’re exploring, please consider whether you have something you could contribute – whether that be a short article, a photographic ‘montage’, or a video recording. 

The CHOG Committee hopes that CHOG Online will add to your enjoyment of being a member of the Group. If you wish to provide feedback, such as suggestions for how the portal, structure or content could be improved, or if you have an idea for an item you’d like to contribute, please email the editor here.

What’s new?

For the duration of the breeding season you can explore seven LOCAL WEBCAMS that show nesting birds, views from hides and bird feeders. Until the end of May we shall continue to post our THROUGH THE YEARS spring migration special. You can access both LOCAL WEBCAMS and THROUGH THE YEARS directly from the CHOG Online portal.


During May we added these items:

  • Local Mammals and Local Reptiles and Amphibians updated to include 2021 records
  • an account of the CHOG Outdoor Meeting at Stanpit Marsh
  • a review of all the CHOG Online items available at the start of May
  • the first two instalments of a Photo Diary about the Priory Peregrines
  • a summary of a presentation given to CHOG about sound recording migrating birds
  • a summary of the birds you can expect to see in the Harbour in June


How do I access CHOG Online?

Simply click on the link below and enter the access code*, then follow the instructions to be taken to the CHOG Online portal. Once you are at the portal, you can bookmark the page in your browser for easy future access. The access code has changed – see * below.

Access CHOG Online here.

* The code you need is in the ‘CHOG Online’ section of ‘The Birds of Christchurch Harbour 2021’. For a short while longer you can continue to access CHOG Online using the old code here.

Note that if you have bookmarked the CHOG Portal in your browser, you will need to set up the bookmark again when you use the new code.

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