All three juveniles have now left the nest and are active around the rooves of the Priory, making short test flights and sometimes sparring with each other. The adults are still bringing food and there is a real commotion when it arrives.

The three juveniles – Paul Turton


The male bird, which carries a blue ring with the letters VA, was hatched in 2018 on the Bournemouth College clock tower, Lansdowne, and has been frequently recorded around Christchurch ever since.

The nest is not on the tower itself, so the Priory is able to continue its tower tours and fly flags from there. As such, we would like to thank the staff at the Priory for their sensitivity and understanding as we worked with them to determine if breeding was actually taking place and to locate the actual nest site.

If you do go and take a look – the north-facing side of the tower is the best place to check-out – please do respect the grounds of the Priory and any events taking place there, however.

CHOG members can follow the family’s progress in a Photo Diary on CHOG Online. Date of publication of the sixth instalment: 16th July.