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The Birds of Christchurch Harbour

Published each year by CHOG and provides a full record of birds and other wildlife in and around Hengistbury Head, Stanpit Marsh and Wick Fields.

Price: £7.00 + P&P

  1. Over 135 pages
  2. 8 plates of colour photographs
  3. Review of the ornithological year
  4. Full systematic list of species
  5. Harbour Management Summary
  6. Tundra Bean Goose at Stanpit
  7. Wetland bird survey results
  8. Ringing station report
  9. Butterfly report and moth survey
  10. Other items of local interest

Back Copies

Prices £2.75 inc. P&P for all available years

CHOG Kindle eBook

Birds of Christchurch Harbour 2016 to 2020

kindle e-book

Price £3.99 – Learn more here…

The Birds of Christchurch Harbour 1956-2021

Available on USB Memory Stick

Since the first ‘Attempted Ornithological Survey’ in 1956, Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group (CHOG) has published its annual report – The Birds of Christchurch Harbour. All the reports, including colour photographs, are now available in searchable format on a USB memory stick. Also included is the one-off 1988 publication ‘Birds of Christchurch in the Nineteenth Century’ by Tony Wise, as well as two maps of the Harbour with the commonly referred to localities and a comprehensive searchable index. This simple, but effective utility allows you to type in a species’ name or keyword and be instantly guided to all recorded instances.

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW from the Membership Secretary: Ian Southworth, 1 Bodowen Road, Burton, Christchurch, BH23 7JL. Tel: 01202 478093 Email:

USB Stick

Price Only £15 + 1.25 P&P

Birds of Christchurch in the Nineteenth Century

A 1988 publication by Tony Wise that chronicles some quite amazing historical records, including Britain’s first White’s Thrush and the 1888 irruption of Pallas’s Sandgrouse.

Birds of Christchurh in the Nineteeneth Century

Price £4.25 inc. P&P

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