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CHOG Workshop: Beginners Birdsong

Beginners Birdsong​ workshop.

Sunday 19th May at 07:00 at Stanpit Marsh

If you would love to be able to identify birds from their song this CHOG workshop is for you. This is an outdoor workshop to learn how to identify birds primarily by song, also to understand the difference between song and calls.

We will be walking slowly, listening and leaning about each species’ song that we hear, both of common and not so common birds. In addition you will learn about their breeding and migration.

This is a workshop rather than a guided walk because it will be a small group of up to 12 people with the aim of improving skills of those attending.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and trying out your new learning. Led by Dave Taylor.

Length: approximately 2.5 hours. Cost: £5.  Members only.

We will meet at Stanpit car park where there is free parking and we will be walking around Two Rivers Meet Park, Ashtree Meadows and North Scrubs. 

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